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Digital Square's Peer Review Committee (PRC) comprises a diverse set of the foremost leaders and thinkers in digital health technology including country governments, donor organizations, implementing organizations, technology vendors, and other constituencies. The PRC plays a critical role as technical experts who assess the technical and programmatic appropriateness of submitted concept notes and applications through Digital Square Notices. The PRC provides feedback, which helps the Digital Square Governing Board to prioritize investments in high-quality digital health products and services.

The Peer Review Committee is bound by the Peer Review Committee Membership Policy, which has been approved by the Governing Board. Any substantive changes to the policies require board approval.

Current Membership

Digital Square's Peer Review Committee is comprised of the following individuals:

Digital Square Contacts

  • Carl Leitner, PRC Chair and Deputy Director
  • Amanda BenDor, Global Goods Community Manager
  • Jackie Clark, Project Administrator