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The promise of digital health has not been fully realized and efforts to scale programs and technologies have largely been unsuccessful. The three core barriers to maximizing the potential of digital technologies to improve health outcomes are lack of coordinated funding aligned to government priorities; lack of support for, and use of, existing open source technologies (global goods) that could be reused or adapted; and lack of regional leadership and capacity.

Digital Square is a new way to do development. Our approach is to tackle the barriers that prevent digital technologies and systems from scaling. Digital Square's aim is that countries are empowered to develop sustainable national digital infrastructures, supported by coordinated investments, so that governments and decision-makers can access the information they need, when they need it, to ensure better health data and health outcomes for all.

In order to achieve this vision, Digital Square will conduct activities to:

  • Improve coordination of investors.
  • Increase alignment and coordination in the digital health community.
  • Increase adoption and reuse of digital health global goods.
  • Enhance leadership capacity in low- and middle-income countries for managing regional and country digital health systems.

The Digital Square Board is bound by the following Terms of Reference and Conflict of Interest and Recusal Policy.


Digital Square's Board consists of the following individuals:

  • Dr. Smisha Agarwal, Johns Hopkins
  • Amie Batson, WomenLift Health
  • Dr. Mickey Chopra, World Bank
  • Nikolaj Gilbert, PATH (ex officio member)
  • Dr. Dafrossa Lyimo, Independent Consultant
  • Dr. Alvin Marcelo, Asia eHealth Information Network
  • Dr. Garrett Mehl, World Health Organization
  • Neal Myrick, Tableau Foundation
  • Dykki Settle, PATH (ex officio chair)
  • Rachel Sibande, Digital Impact Alliance
  • Chuck Slaughter, Living Goods
  • Adele Waugaman, United States Agency for International Development
  • Tim Wood, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation