How Digital Square supports Global Goods

Digital Square partners with innovators to increase the availability, adaptability, and maturity of high-quality software, service, and content options for countries—including health-focused, mature Digital Public Goods. Digital Square supports global goods by:

  • Administering an inclusive digital health procurement process by allocating global goods investments transparently and with community input. Digital Square makes investments in global goods primarily via the Open Application Process, which is an innovative procurement solution that fosters collaboration and agility.
  • Managing an active community of global goods partners.The global goods community allows partners to connect and learn from each other’s best practices, in turn improving the interoperability of software. The community participates in monthly webinars, contributes to quarterly newsletters, co-creates publications, and participates in our annual Global Good Innovators meeting.
  • Coordinating with stakeholders on digital public goods alignment. Digital Square is closely coordinating with the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA) and use of global goods for specific health vertical use cases through the WHO Clearinghouse. These efforts will enable countries and investors to increase confidence in the specific digital tools to be prioritized for scale and adaptation in countries. Through this engagement, Digital Square will refresh its prioritization framework and Open Application Process to align more closely with tools formally vetted through the DPGA.
  • Digital Square supports the global digital health community, including country governments, in understanding, aligning, and applying these standards.
    • Digital Square’s advocacy efforts promote the appropriate use of standards in health system design and support technical teams in adopting standards in their tools.
    • Digital Square holds active chairing positions across many standards development organizations.
    • Digital Square facilitates knowledge-sharing platforms to raise awareness of standards, increase feasibility, and contribute to a range of tools that allow users to recognize the short- and long-term impact of the standards.
    • Digital Square actively convenes a cadre of approved global goods partners and provides ongoing support to a range of other global goods partners.
    • Digital Square collaborates with a range of stakeholders to identify and improve upon frequently occurring challenges to deploy solutions more effectively.
    • Digital Square engages global leaders to advance the ecosystem of standards for open-source technologies.

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The Testing Harness

Digital Square has supported the development of a test harness and testing framework that will facilitate testing the conformance of technologies to the OpenHIE Architecture specification and health and data content, as specified by WHO SMART Guidelines. This testing solution will be leveraged by anyone wanting to test compliance of digital health solutions to WHO SMART Guidelines compliance requirements and/or their own defined requirements.

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