Becoming a Global Good

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Digital Square is launching another application process to be recognized as a global good as part of their upcoming Notice G. As such, teams will be invited to apply for their solution to be recognized as a Digital Square Global Good. The process will leverage the same peer and investment review committee processes of the Notice to ensure that there is expert input from the broader digital health domain to support the identification and approval of Global Goods.

Application details:

  • Teams will be asked to submit a completed Global Good Maturity Model for their respective solution and use the model that best matches the type of global good; i.e.: Software, Service or Content.
  • In addition to the maturity model the applicant will be required to submit supporting data for the indicators and selected maturity levels that will form part of the review of the tool
  • The data will include links to DPGA registration/nomination, code/content/ documentation, evidence of impact, classification of the tool etc.
  • Successful candidates will be notified and engaged to ensure accurate and up to date information is noted in the version 4.0 of the Global Goods guide book that will be published.