Becoming a Global Good

Digital Square uses an open call system on the Wizehive portal to identify global goods. To be considered a global good, applicants must meet certain minimum requirements, such as having an open license, and complete a checklist to confirm their eligibility. Once the minimum requirements are met, applicants must fill out an application form and complete a self-assessment using the Digital Square Maturity Model (for software or content).

The Peer Review Committee (PRC) will then review all the applications and make recommendations. The Global Goods Review Board will meet quarterly to consider the PRC's recommendations and decide whether to accept, reject, or request additional review. All applicants will be notified of the decision. Successful applicants will be added to the Global Goods Interactive Guidebook and will be publicized through our communication channels.

If you have any questions, you can find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions on the portal or reach out to a Digital Square team member via email.