Becoming a Global Good

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Digital Square has a structured process that governs the identification and approval of Global Goods as outlined below:

How are Global Goods Identified

Digital Square identifies through our Open Application Process (OAP). Digital Square’s OAP (referred to as Notices) provides an iterative open application process that gives applicants the opportunity to find collaborators and provide and receive feedback from peers. Notice calls are delineated by particular thematic or program-focused areas. An important aspect of the Notice(s) is that the review of applications and the investment selections are done through the engagement of a Peer Review Committee and Investment Review Committee (respectively).

Peer Review Committee

Digital Square's Peer Review Committee (PRC) comprises a diverse set of the foremost leaders and thinkers in digital health technology including country governments, donor organizations, implementing organizations, technology vendors, and other constituencies. The PRC plays a critical role as technical experts who assess the technical and programmatic appropriateness of submitted concept notes and applications through Digital Square Notices. The PRC provides feedback, which helps the Digital Square Board to prioritize investments in high-quality digital health products and services.

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Through this process the tools and approaches submitted to the Notice are validated as global goods through a consensus approach of the broader public and digital health community represented by the PRC.

How to become a global good

As global goods are identified and approved through the Digital Square Notices, for a tool to be identified as a global good it must have a successful outcome in an active Digital Square Notice.

In addition to this a tool can align itself to the principles of being a Global Good and ensure that it meets the criteria of the definition of a global good (see above) and undertake a self evaluation of its own maturity using the Global Goods Maturity Model. The Global Goods Maturity Model helps identify areas of investments for global goods, as well as provides a view of the tool, community and use that can guide tool owners in making decisions as to how and where they would like to invest in maturing their tool.

"Global Goods are tools that have been selected through the Digital Square Notice process and the review by the Peer Review Committee"