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With the Global Goods Guidebook, Digital Square is showcasing some of the emergent and established global goods that have been invested or deployed as a result of our unique, open approach. The Digital Investment Principles have described the need for donors to align around scalable, sustainable, accessible, interoperable, and evidence-based digital health global goods that meet country priorities. Digital health global public goods have an important role to play in moving the needle from a past era of digital health donor funding characterized by pilots and other proof-of-concept demonstrations to a future guided by investments in country-led and country-managed digital health strategies and systems that can be independently operated, expanded, and sustained by host governments and local partners over time.

The global health community needs to move away from the current practice of single application solutions to a more strategic approach that acts holistically with both current country priorities and long-term goals for health system strengthening. By better coordinating the development of digital health global goods, such as those presented in this guidebook, stakeholders involved in digital health can reduce duplication and ensure that platforms are not only more aligned with priorities but that they strengthen national systems

This Global Goods guidebook focuses a living document with regular revisions. The information in this guidebook has been provided by the global goods themselves and has not been validated by Digital Square for accuracy.


The Guidebook has been endorsed by:

  • BMGF
  • DIAL
  • giz

Version 1.0

In this inaugural edition (version 1.0), we have limited consideration to global goods that are approved for investments through Digital Square. Future iterations will be more comprehensive in scope, and the eligibility criteria for inclusion in the guidebook will be developed in consultation with the Digital Health & Interoperability Working Group (DH&I WG) of the Health Data Collaborative. With this guidebook, Digital Square is showcasing some of the emergent and established global goods that have been invested or deployed as a result of our unique, open approach.

Table Of Contents

The guidebook's table of contents is arranged by the World Health Organization’s Classification of Digital Health Interventions v1.0 system categories.

This is a high level list of the WHO classifications included in the TOC of the Global Goods Guidebook v1

  • Civil Registration and Vital Statistics • B (Page 16)
    *Resource : OpenCRVS
  • Clinical Terminology and Classifications • E (Page 18)
    *Resource : Open Concept Lab 
  • Community-Based Information System • F (Pages 20 - 22)
    *Resource : CommCare
                Community Health Toolkit
  • Data Interchange Interoperability and Accessibility • G (Page 24)
    *Resource : OpenHIM
  • Electronic Medical Records • H (Page 26 - 30)
    *Resource : Bahmni
  • Knowledge Management System • Q (Page 32)
    *Resource : Digital Health Atlas
  • Health Finance And Insurance Information System Core Role . M (Page 34)
    *Resource : openIMIS
  • Health Management Information System • N (Page 36)
    *Resource : DHIS2
  • Human Resource Information System • O (Page 38)
    *Resource : iHRIS
  • Laboratory and Diagnostics Information System • R (Pages 40 - 42)
    *Resource : Child Growth Monitor
  • Logistics Management Information System • T (Page 44)
    *Resource : OpenLMIS
  • Public Health and Disease Surveillance • V (Pages 46 - 48)
    *Resource : Reveal
  • Shared Health Record and Health Information Repositories • X (Page 50)
    *Resource : Hearth

Download Global Goods Guidebook V1.0 here.